This is one of the sluttiest videos that I have ever posted, lol. What happened was we went to a concert and we brought our video camera to video tape the show but I ended up putting on my own little show in the bathroom, lol! I tend to make friends fast when Shawn and I go out because guys are always hitting on me and I like the attention. Well, this night was definitely no exception! We met some really cool guys and girls and they all knew me from my website so they had a pretty good idea of my sexual nature and how much I love to suck cock. I don't remember exactly what was said but at some point I was dared to give this one guy a blowjob in the bathroom. He was pretty cute and very nice. Plus, he seemed to really need a good Housewife Kelly cock sucking so I decided to take him into the bathroom and give him the blowjob of his life HAHA! It was perfect because Shawn was right there with the video camera. He couldn't believe I was going through with it. I sucked this guy's cock so good that it only took him about 3-4 minutes to cum in my mouth. It was a great blowjob but he came way too fast and left me wanting more. That was okay though because he had two friends with him and I ended up taking them both into the bathroom one at a time and sucking their cocks too! I even swallowed for the last guy :-O. Like I said, this is probably the sluttiest thing I've ever done on camera but then again, I have done alot of naughty things:) Check out my website and see all of my other videos.

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