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1/28/09- Last week, I met one of my members for lunch at a local restaurant. I have met a few of my members in the past so this wasn't the first time I've ever met with a member but it was the first time that I ever had a sexual encounter with a member, lol. I honestly thought we were just meeting for lunch and a few drinks like I have done with a few of my members in the past but things turned out to be quite a bit different than I expected. The guy's name was Mike and he was so nice. Shawn and I met him at one of my favorite restaurants just outside of Boston and like anytime we have done this, we had no idea what to expect. We met at the bar and he came over and introduced himself and I did think he was cute. We ordered a little food and a few drinks and as we talked, I realized that Mike was really a nice guy. The three of us had a great conversation and I felt very comfortable. Shawn and Jason got along great and they talked a lot about sports. (Shawn's second favorite subject) As we were all talking and having so many laughs, I think all three of us were starting to have the same thought, lol. I know Shawn could see that I was feeling naughty by the way I was flirting with Mike and it was very obvious that I wanted his cock in my mouth. I was giving Mike my best fuck me look while we were talking and all of a sudden we started to kiss right there at the bar.....(continued in my members area)